When exporting to HTML the end product is slightly blurry

Problem:When I exportto HTML either a MP4 or straight from a project, the end result is not crisp like my original, but blurry. I record video with 100% quality and convert to mp4 at 100% quality or convert straight from the project without anything embedded. My slide size is 1280x720.
When it plays back the HTML, it is in IE at full screen size. Even if I make the mp4 full screen it is clearer than the HTML version.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.3.2

OS: Win7


Did you try setting the quality to something in the range of 95-99%?

Please note that the original recorded video is encoded in lossless codec which preserves 100% quality for editing while exporting to MP4 uses lossy codec which optimizes compression ratio (smaller file size) by sacrifying some data (that’s why it’s called lossy codec).

Lastly, I’m wondering why you would need to export your full motion video to HTML5? If your project doesn’t require any interactivity then it might be better if you export your project to MP4 video. Most LMS will allow importing MP4 video file directly.