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What is it ? only problems!

I have had enough of you!
I bought the program Saola and not rented,
Why do I have to keep activating the program through your server and when I enter my license key it is not accepted, either give me my money back or give me the program I paid for.

Hi Erdal,

According to our activation log, your license is being activated on one computer but you’re trying to activate it on another computer (having different name and fingerprint) so it’s not possible.

If they are the same computer, the fingerprint has been changed so the activation was invalidated. The computer fingerprint may change in some cases such as when the hard drive is replaced, the OS is reinstalled.

In this case, we can reset your license for you, or you can reset it yourself through our online license management portal, then activate it again on your computer.
I see that you requested the token to access the license management portal, if you’re not sure how to use the portal please let me know.

It’s stated clearly in the EULA that the perpetual license requires activation: Saola Animate EULA - Atomi Systems, Inc.

I’ve reset your license so now you should be able to activate it again.
We usually don’t accept refund request, especially it’s a long time after purchasing as in your case (10 months): ATOMI Refund Policy - Atomi Systems, Inc.


where is the online license management portal,
a link. ?

You should already have the link to the portal.
I see that a token request for managing your license was made on Oct 15.
If you don’t see the email with the access token, please check the spam box or request it again.


how ? “or request it again”

Did you request the token about 2 weeks ago (Oct 15)?
Hope the following screenshot help you to recall it: