Webcam recording video delay to audio by 1s

My Audio and Video feeds are out of sync by about 1 second (audio early) when using webcam recording

ActivePresenter version: 8.3.2

OS: Windows 10

I have tried to follow all advice on this site and the web. I have altered recording settings to H264 video and various audio. I have reduced recording quality from default 90 to 60 then 50 then 10! I have changed the resolution of the video from 1080 to 720 to 800x600. None of these had any effect on the 1 second delay. I tested on MS PowerPoint recording and there is perfect sync between audio and video. I use AP a lot for teaching using just audio, but need the webcam for conference presentations.

Any help much appreciated - would really like to continue with ActivePresenter.

Thank you

Further information:

  • when I use the Papalook PA452 Webcam for both video AND audio via USB I get the 1 second video lag
  • when I use this webcam and a separate headset mic into front panel socket I get no lag
  • only an issue in ActivePresenter (e.g. not in PowerPoint recording)


Hi Jon,

Thanks for your information. It seems to be a device-specific issue and ActivePresenter could not handle correctly. However, we could not reproduce the issue in our tests so it is quite hard to investigate the cause.

Can you please try adjusting the start times of audio and webcam video in the editor as a workaround?