Viewport with or without player

Hi all

When I export a responsive project to my LMS (TalentLMS) with height 720px, I have a ‘height’ scroll bar in the end result.

There’s no issue at their end when imported SCORM projects are fully responsive, is what their support told me.

So I am wondering, anyone else in their LMS?
Second ‘I am wondering’: when I choose 720px (project height), is that with or without the player surrounding it?

ActivePresenter Version: 8, latest build.

OS: Win10.

Same with different browsers

Hi Ben,

  1. If the project height is above the viewport height, a scrollbar will show up for users to see all the content. Normally, an LMS allows you to set up the viewport size when uploading a project.
  2. It is the content height only, without a player surrounding it. For example, if you want the content to display on a 720p (in height) screen/viewport without a scrollbar, you should design the content to be in 720p and make room for player such as top and bottom bar.
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Thanks, Hang. The player was not accounted for, hence the scoll bar.

Are the preset viewports in AP8 the most used dimensions accross devices, or standard dimensions? It’s very helpfull we can change them, by the way.


Because devices with the same screen size can have very different resolutions, we use viewports
when creating mobile-friendly content. Viewports are scaled-down versions of resolutions that
allow sites to be viewed more consistently across different devices. You can find the viewport
sizes of popular devices at (in the column with dp unit).
You can customize the viewport size easily.
To add a new layout, click the drop-down button on the Responsive bar (on the top of the
document window) and select Add New. You can select one of the layouts provided or have a custom size by clicking Custom… and adjusting the size for the new layout.
For more information about responsive projects, please read from page 28 of our manual.

Interesting info. Thanks!