Video timestamp link to specific spot

Is there a way to give a person a URL that would play a video starting from a specific time? I have a video where my customers asked I could provide links so they could jump to a specific spot in the video and have it start from there instead of at the beginning. As an example, I have a 10 minute video that they decided they don’t want a bunch of smaller videos. They want it all as one. But they want the option of jumping to the “Decision Tree” section of the video and watch from there, instead of starting at the beginning. Is this possible?

Hi Terri,

If the output is HTML (allowing viewers to interact with it), please take a look at this link for more information:

As for video output, it depends on the website where you upload it. YouTube, for instance, allows you to seek a specific moment within the video.


If I understand correctly, I would export HTML5. Is that correct? And in order to export to this format and not have a watermark, I’d have to upgrade my license from standard to pro. I looked at the standard licensing and it says I can export to html, but I can’t find directions to export to regular html in user manual. The other thing is… this is not utube video. This is internal company video only.

I’m all set. I found a site that showed how to put start and stop time at the end of an mp4 url line. I tested it and it worked. Suffix with #t=180,198 to start playing at 3 minute mark and end 18 seconds later at 3:18

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