Video Thumnail does not show

In the process of exporting my project as a video, whether I select a specific slide, or even when I select a specific thumbnail/image from my computer, once the project is exported the video comes out with a randomly-selected image. Please help.

Thank you

Hi Amari,

Could you please share the project having the issue and its external data folder named in the PROJECT_FILE_files (if any) so that we can check?

If these files are large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive then send email with download link to us at


Thank you Hang.
The name of the project is: Basic Certification Program.

I have just shared the project with from Dropbox.

Regards. Anna-Mari

Hi Amari,

Thanks for sharing the file. We have checked but could not reproduce the problem. Can you please share a screenshot for the issue? Please note that this option doesn’t apply in the case you upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo, you will need to select the option on the page that you are uploading to.


Thank you,

When my project was complete, I exported it to MP4 Video. In “Advance” I selected the ‘thumbnail’ image from a file on my computer. When the video is exported, it does not come out with the image that I specifically chose.

So when I load my video to social media (Facebook) for example it does not show the image that I have chosen. Here is the screenshot:… I am looking where to attach the screenshot

Hi Amari,

The thumbnail only appears when you view the video by opening the HTML file which the video is embedded in (index.html in the below screenshot):

When you view on Windows File Explorer, it is generated by the operating system. For changing thumbnail when uploading to Facebook, the following video seems help


Thank you very much for the information this helps in a way.

At the same time I need to know what to do so that the thumbnail that I have chosen is used when I export my project as an MP4 to my computer. Why is it that I specifically chose an image and another image is selected randomly?

Why is it that for some exports it works perfectly and others not? I want my videos to appear correctly in my video library.

I want to get this right. Thank you for assisting me.

Hi Amari,

Unfortunately, this is auto-generated by Windows and it seems there is no way to control it.


Thank you so much for your feedback.

So just to make sure, what you are saying is that everyone who works through windows will have this problem?

It is possible that newer versions of Windows will respond differently.