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Video shown in circle

I tried to show the video of the person commenting in a circle.
I used the Green Screen Effect. It works fine on the locale, but when placed on the web it doesn’t work.
Error message - „Green screen may not take effect while running locally."
Is there any way to display the video in a circle in ActivePresenter?
It is possible to make the whole video as background, but it is more laborious.

Hi Jiri,

Some browsers don’t allow rendering the green screen effect when running HTML5 output locally via file:// protocol.
You need to upload your HTML5 output to a web server or LMS to fix this issue.

Kind regards,

Yes, it’s running as it should.
I thought I had it on the web and was running it from disk, which is why I found it strange that it suddenly wouldn’t work
thank you very much, and I’m sorry.

I’m still looking for a way to make the site, with Drupal, only accessible to logged in users and not be able to copy the address.

Thank you and have a nice day


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