Video and audio in two separate files


I rarely use Active Presenter but had to make a video for a colleague. It seemed to go okay and when the video was ready, it played in VMC software.

But when I went to find the video to send it to a colleague, there were two videos in the folder, an mkv and a wav.

One has images without sound and the other has sound without images.

I’ve never had this problem before.

Can anyone help please?


Those are the source (original recorded files) and they shouldn’t be accessed directly.
They are also not meant for direct sharing too.

When you complete recording and editing, you should export the project to final output. In your case, you might want to export to Video (look for it on the EXPORT tab), ActivePresenter will export your project to one single video file in either MP4, AVI, WebM, WMV,… and you can share that file.

Record -> Edit -> Export: That’s how you should do with ActivePresenter.


Thanks Dangle. I had forgot to activate “export audio” the first time and then looked in the wrong folder. Stupid me huh?