Very poor quality of captured mp4 Screen Cast Video

Problem: Very poor quality of captured Screen Cast Video

ActivePresenter Version: v7.2.3

OS: Windows 10 (1709)

Dear Support-Team, dear all,
I am using the free version of Active Presenter 7.2.3. When I capture the video in mp4-format (see screenshot for settings) the qualitity is extremely poor. This is particularly the case, if I do that with Powerpoint Presentations (instead of importing the slides), but also “Record Software Simulation” shows that same problem if I use the option “F9 - Full Motion Recording” and if the recording is longer than about 10 min.
Does anyone understand what the source of the probelm could be? Often the preview of the slide still looks fine after recording. But then, when I use the “Play” button within Active Presenter, the video looks very glitchy and afterwards the preview looks deranged too! And worst of all, the exportet video shows the same very poor quality!

Thank you so much for your help,

Please reupload the screenshot of your video settings.
And the latest lines in the log file would also help.


Dear Dangle,

thanks so much for taking the time to have a look at this!

  1. I uploaded the screenshot one more time in the original message above. Now it appears in the message.

  2. Here the log of this event. Good thinking of yours! Indeed some components seem to be missing on my system:

2018-04-28 17:49:58: ActivePresenter 7.2.3 (Release Build: 2018.04.20) started
OS: Windows 10 (build 16299), 64-bit edition. Version: 10.0 - 64 bit
CPU Count: 4
Hostname: XXX. Memory: 8,066 MB. Available: 5,838 MB. Memory Load: 27%
Project Location: C:\DATA\ActivePresenter
Disk Space: 117,759 MB (Free: 76,956 MB)
2018-04-28 17:49:58: TempDir: C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Roaming\ActivePresenter\temp
2018-04-28 17:50:05: flt sample format is not supported, s16 will be used
2018-04-28 17:50:05: RLMedia: Using AVStream.codec to pass codec parameters to muxers is deprecated, use AVStream.codecpar instead.
2018-04-28 17:50:05: Preparing to record audio from: Microphone (2- USB Headphone Set). Channel: 1. Sample rate: 48000. Sample Format: 8
2018-04-28 18:25:36: ActivePresenter 7.2.3 (Release Build: 2018.04.20) shut down

Thanks again,

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the screenshot.
However the log lines are for the session which you didn’t do any recording. The log lines should be related to the recording session.

That said, here are some suggestions:

  1. Use Record Video when you need to record full motion video.
  2. Try to change the quality in video settings to 90+ or so (avoid 100, see item 3. below as to why) and see if it helps.
  3. If you need crystal clear quality, try to change the Video Codec to Flash Screen Video.
    H.264 codec is suitable when you record motion pictures (or movies).
    Flash Screen Video is more suitable when recording desktop applications.


Dear Dangle,

ok, thanks a lot!

My appologies for posting the wrong logfile. Somehow, I cannot relocate the log entry where the problem occured. (My focus is on capturing the presentation now - and you seem to have solved the problem! If I manage in the following days, I will try to produce a log of an instance where the problem occured.)

Initially, I had worked with video quality of 90% and a rate of 10 frames/s and had only increased it afte the issues with video quality. I had also used Record Video, but the problems had also occured there… ?!?

I always start ActivePresenter as Admin, because that was recommended by some Youtube videos. Is that really necessary?

Your suggestion to use Flash Screen Video seems to do the trick! I have recaptured the presentation with 10 frames/s and a quality setting of 90% and the video quality is very good!

Thanks again for helping me out,

Hi Robert,

Starting ActivePresenter as Admin is only needed when you want to record applications which also run with Admin previlege. That is because ActivePresenter won’t be able to record applications which have higher previlege, that’s the design of the operating system.