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Vertical green line on second screen when recording

(Shaun McDowall) #1

Hi, using Active Presenter 6.1.4, on Windows 10 x64. I am recording a screencast of a software demo, but using an external screen attached to my laptop.

A vertical green line appears during the recording and I cannot seem to get rid of it.

This was reported a couple of years ago:

Is there a fix?

The workaround of setting scaling levels to be the same for all monitors doesn’t work because that option isn’t available in my copy of Windows.

Many thanks,


(Dao Viet Phuong) #2


Unfortunately, this issue has not been fixed yet. However, you can hide the green line by clicking the Settings button (the Gear icon) at the top-right of the Record Video Project dialog, then un-check the Show Capture Area option.


(Shaun McDowall) #3

Hi Dao,

This has resolved the issue - no more green lines!
Many thanks