Variables and DOM

It would be nice to reference variables %mytext% in closed captions to have the same text in the slide and in the CC. Better than this would be to have array variables
assigned by default to text in the slide e.g. %ThisSlide:Text[3]% for the text in the fourth text box in the slide. This will make CC maintenance less problematic.
More in general, unless I missed something, some API to some scripting (JS, Python, Ruby) enabled to see the whole approj document as an object will make AP open to plugin development that in turn will capitalize the community efforts into a wealth of useful plugins developed for free.


Thank you for your suggestions.
We’ll try to support variable referenced in closed captions, and variables from objects’ texts in future releases.
Regarding the ability to make ActivePresenter open to plugin development, we’ll consider it but I’m afraid that it’ll not be available in the foreseeable future.