[v3.0] Convert image to Inline SVG


Congratulations for the 3.0 release. Seems amazing so far.

I was trying to open my document from 2.7.1 that was using a lot of SVG images and I was waiting for 3.0 to convert them to inline SVGs. I knew we were getting inner HTML, so that was my previous plan, but since Animate can now convert the imported SVGs to inline SVGs, it’s even better.

However, I can’t seem to be able to delete the resource once its converted. There’s no reason for it to exist in library anymore, right? I can go the inner HTML way, but then I’d have to carefully transform all animated properties again and so this convert image would be of much use if I can get rid of the resources.

EDIT: Basically, my goal was to reduce network requests for the SVG files and after a little more digging, it seems like Animate handles the conversion during the runtime and doesn’t actually convert the imported image to inline SVG in the editor itself.

Hi Hrishikesh,

Saola Animate gets the SVG resource content for inline SVG images (that use the resource) when exporting to HTML5, not when setting inline SVG image type. So it must keep the SVG resource for reference.
To reduce network requests for SVG files (that are only used for inline SVG image), you can delete these files in HTML5 output resource folder. There will be file not found errors in the browser console but they doesn’t affect the HTML5 content.


Thanks for the clarification. That helps!