Using Events to go to next task or play a simulation help please

Problem: I am new to using events. I am producing a practice eLearning module. The user is asked to complete a task, if a correct mouse click then advance to the next task. If their click is incorrect, I would like a simulation to run to show them how to perform the task. Can you please advise me which events to use to achieve this ( I have a mouse button on the place I would like them to click on screen and the correct and incorrect message box)

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.8

OS: Win 10


Hi Can I please update my help request?

The user is asked to complete a task by clicking on screen, if the click is correct go to next task (go to slide ??) if the click is incorrect play the video on the next slide.

How do I add these events to the correct and incorrect message events?

Many thanks

Hi Belinda,

Please take a look at this tutorial to see how to work with events and actions:

To go to another slide, you can use Go to Slide, Go to Slide at Index, Go Forward or Go Backward action.
To show and play a video in the current slide, you can use Show Object action to show the video, set the video Autoplay (Properties > Media tab > Video section) and make the video initial hidden (Properties > Size & Properties tab > Timing section).


Hi, thank you for your response, I am new to this and getting into a real mess and have had crashing issues, could I send the package to you via We Transfer and would you be able to add the correct event actions to the first slides to demonstrate what needs to be done? what email address could I send the files to?

Many thanks

Hi Belinda,

I’ve downloaded your project from Dropbox and deleted your post.
Going forward, you should share your project to our support email at

I don’t see any interaction in your project, so I create a sample project here:
Mouse Click Interaction.approj (1.1 MB)

In this sample project, a correct click will go to the next slide, an incorrect click will play a video.
You can check event-actions in Properties pane of the mouse click object > Interactivity tab > Events - Actions section.