Using a button or object to hide and show information.

Problem: Hi, I’m wondering how you can show and hide information using the button. I can get it to show the information caption I have created by using the on click and show object. However when I choose the hide object it does not hide the information if I click on the button or object again.

I hope that makes sense, I do have dyslexia so my apologies if the post isn’t clear in terms of what I’m trying to achieve.

ActivePresenter Version: Required.Version 8.0.5 (Released: 2020.04.10)

OS: Required. Windows 10



Here are our instructions on how to show/hide an object using a button in ActivePresenter 8:

Step 1: Hide the object (text caption) initially (Right click the object > Initially Hidden)
Step 2: Create a True/False variable. (Home tab > Variables > Add a True/False variable, I named it “1” in this example). For more information, please see How to add variables.
Step 3: Assign this variable to the On Click event of the button and add conditions to show/hide the object (text caption). See How to work with events-actions for more information.
Add Show Object, Hide Object, and Adjust Variables actions to the On Click event of the button. Make sure to uncheck the Hide After option of the Show Object action.
Uncheck Hide After option
Step 4: Uncheck the Auto Advance option of the slide (Transitions tab > Auto Advance)
Below is a sample for your reference.
show hide.approj (220 KB)

Best regards,

Thank you sincerely for your help and guidance, I was really struggling to understand the process in terms of the written instructions. However the project example was extremely helpful in helping me understand the process. I will give you 10 out of 10 for your suppor, words cannot express my gratitude.

I hope you have a wonderful day