User doesn't have to get all correct answers on a multiple response question

I’d like to request the possibility of having a kind of multiple response question where we indicate the possible correct answers and the user doesn’t have to get all of those answers to get a correct feedback.
I asked about this in a support question and used a very simple example to better explain what I’m talking about: Multiple response question allows multiple correct answer?


Could you please give another example to demonstrate the use case more clearly?


In this case, the clever student would follow a “known” algorithm in order to find one of the 2 possible correct options given in this exercise. On the other hand, if we required the student to choose both correct options, he would have to loose time testing all the 4 possible answers given, which is not the point of this exercise (we want to test knowledge and not brute force).

Hi Beatriz,

We got your point but this is not the common use case.
So we’ll consider it if there are more requests from users.


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