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Upgrades of Saola

Now that you have the Responsive 100% feature that re-scales the entire canvas without having to set each object (which I know is optional too)… Now I am seriously considering purchasing. But I have some Q’s

  1. For the $49… is that per year or per major version change 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x - OR - Is this per year?
  2. If it is per year… how many upgrades will be done per year?



  1. $49 is the price for yearly subscription. With subscription you will always use the latest version within your subscription period, after that you won’t be able to use it unless you renew your subscription for another year.
    Subscription model also requires that you create an account and sign in to use Saola Animate.

    Please note that we also offer perpetual license at $59, which you can purchase once and own the license for then current major version forever. You will have one year of free upgrades, after that upgrades will cost 40% of full price. With perpetual license you will get a product key which you can use to activate Saola Animate and don’t need to create an account.

  2. We don’t know how many updates and upgrades we’ll release per year, it all depends. But below are our plan:

    • Major version upgrades: We’ll try to release one new major version every 12-18 months.
    • Minor version updates: There will be several minor version updates every 12 months.
    • Bug fixing updates: Will be released as soon as bugs are identified and got fixed.


Sorry… I was only talking perpetual license.I failed to mention that…

I don’t do subscriptions. Got away from Adobe as one of the reasons. The major being their PR and major bugs issues with PremPro, AE and Audtion… they removed Dolby Sound. Not paying for something I can’t use; all my videos use Dolby Sound. - anyways, I’m rambling.

What does your “roadmap” look like as far as NEW features?
I am hoping Exporting to Video is soon.


As far as I know some users prefer subscriptions and some don’t, that’s why we offer both.

We don’t have a definitive roadmap but instead just a pool of new features and requests with appropriate priorities which we’ll pick out when developing new version. The items in the pool and their priorities may change from time to time due to user requests.
Currently, we’re working on 2.5 version with 3D transform, CSS clip, shadow & filter,… and various improvements inside the editor.
Exporting to video is already in the pool but not many requests yet.


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Hi again,

Is there a place that you display your release notes for what has been done to the Saola software with every release??

Their release notes are on the download page.

I brought a perpetual licence for the same reasons as you - I like to own not rent my software. My first year must be coming to an end soon and I have used Saola pretty much every day. The software, the updates and the support have all been excellent and I’ll be buying a new licence when this one expires.

There are some features that I would really like to see added but even without them this software has been capable of building everything I have thrown at it.

Thanks your sir!
Yeah… and I am glad I dump CC, save tons of money and get to use Saola!!

FYI… Why isn’t this link posted on the Saola products page or someplace easy to get to? Just a suggestion.

It’s on the download page (, right below the Download button.

Ahh, okay. Perfect spot! How did I miss that. Thanks