Updated version shows a vertical bar that I can't remove


We integrate active presenter (HTML5) in our THML page and we work on the graphism surrounding it. In the last update, you added a vertical bar (page in the player settings). I can’t find a way to remove it. I can change its color, size but not totally remove it.

Is there a way do remove that thing ?

thnaks for you answers,


Hi Lucie,

I guess you are talking about the Border Width parameter as in below picture:

If so, please set the value to 0. Otherwise, please provide a screenshot so we can understand your problem.


Not exactly. I’m talking about what’s red on the sides of my project, in the picture below. The border width only suppress the bar on top, not on the sides.


Please set the Player Size option to Fit To Content to have the behavior like the previous version:


Thank you ! It worked just fine :slight_smile: