Unknown Success

I’m trying my quiz in [https://cloud.scorm.com] and when i answer everything right in the first take it’s all fine i get all the info but when i answer less than 75% i don’t get (Success and Completion)
I was reading a question and you said if you have a javascript or restart presentation action this issue might happen.
in my project i do have both of these javascript to close the page in the last slide and restart presentation to redo the quiz
ActivePresenter Version:




A presentation is considered as completed if it reaches to the last slide and doesn’t pause there. So please make sure Auto-Advance property of the last slide is selected, and there’s no interaction in this slide with Pause presentation to wait for user input option.

Success condition can be set in Export To HTML5 dialog:


You can send your project to our support email at support@atomisystems.com so that we can help checking it.



Did you solve the issue?


yes I did use another method thanks for you concern