Unable to reactivate my license

I had activated Active Presenter Professional Edition on my PC.

I had to format my PC due to virus and I have reinstalled the Active Presenter on the same system post formatting the OS. But I am unable to reactivate the license same with my key. It says" The product key has been activated up to it’s volume limit. Please consider buying additional license or deactivate it from the computer(s) you have used to activate."

Now the thing is I have only one PC on which it was installed . I am reinstalling on the same machine - its should not give any errors.

Suggest a solution on this. I had to format the PC as it was I was not able to access any of my files due to virus infection. You guys can check online my Key is not active on any PC as of the moment.

Please help

Please contact our support via email with your product key so we can help.