Una volta completato il corso, se voglio rivedere le slide già viste non mi consente di muovermi liberamente

Hi Hang,

we are having this problem, once the course we have made is fully enjoyed, if I want to review some clips of the course it forces me to review them all over again. Is there a setting that allows us to freely view the clips once the course is completed?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Fabio,

Currently, when students open a completed course, the course restarts from the beginning and overwrites the previous results, thus restricting their ability to navigate freely between slides.

We will try to support a feature in future updates that will enable students to freely review the desired slides. Rest assured, we will notify you as soon as this feature is completed.

Best regards,

Grazie mille Hang,

rimaniamo in attesa di aggiornamenti.


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