Turn off options above the video

Hey there!

So i’ve got an issue and I hope you guys could help me with that. :slight_smile:

I put in a video and put it on Auto-Play.
My Main issue here is the options that appear in the middle above the video when the mouse hovers above it. (the two round shapes you can click on)

Is there a way to turn these off?

Hi Isabel,

Thank you for reaching out to us.
We also receive your email, but I believe that responding to you within our user community would be the optimal approach. By doing so, not only will you receive assistance, but others can also benefit from the solution shared within our community.

It seems that you’re mentioning the Picture-in-picture button.
If you don’t want to use the picture-in-picture mode, you can hide it by doing the steps below:

  • Click the scene’s Event Handlers button > select the Scene Activate event.
  • Add the Run JavaScript action.
  • Enter the script:
function disablePictureInPicture(doc, e) {
     var videoElement = doc.getElement("video_name");
  if (videoElement && videoElement.dom) {
    var video = videoElement.dom.querySelector("video");
    if (video) {
      video.setAttribute("disablePictureInPicture", true);

Note that, you need to replace the ("video_name") in the above script with your video name. For example, see the image below:

P/s: This can be applied in Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge except for Mozilla Firefox. So, you can further customize the browser settings.

Hope that it helps.