Tumult Hype vs Saola Animate?

Have any of you used tumult hype ?
how does it compare with Saola animate?

to Atomi: have you looked at their feature set? how different is it from your product offering?

I am looking to buy one of the products. I have both windows and mac, but would be happier with a windows application. I need video export options. Saola does not have it, but Tumult hype has it. So wanted to see which would fit me better.

I don’t own a Mac so cannot try Hype but reading though the feature set it does appear more developed than Saola Animate.

However, it has been around longer and it appears that certain features provide by Animate are only in the Professional version of Hype which is twice the price of Animate.

At the end of the day, software choice comes down to how comfortable you feel building the solutions you need in the software.

It sounds like video export is key to your development - in which case you have answered your own question. Hype has some features that might make my like easier, such as templates - but I can live without them - and out of all the other Window’s software I tried before Animate - I find this software the most enjoyable and practical to use.


Thanks for the info.

Though hype has lots of features (physics, etc) I mainly use motion path, symbols, scenes and others that are basic. I am a student UX designer and am moving to Windows. That is why I need a video option, but I see other workaround that can help me for that.

Hype only works on Mac and I needs a software that works in Windows ecosystem, that is why I was looking at Saola.

Do you have plans for a Black Friday deals? or any upcoming giveaway coupons? :slight_smile:


There might be Black Friday deals.
Please watch this thread, I’ll let you know if it’s available.


Thank you. Looking forward to it. :slight_smile: :smile:


Just want to let you know that Black Friday is live now.


thanks for the update.

will look into it.