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I am having trouble with mouse clicks in my software training module. I have several software simulations recorded, and I can’t get the click boxes to behave the way I would like. Essentially, I want this to be a tutorial type situation where the viewer is shown where to click and the slide does not proceed until they click the right spot. If they go back a slide, I want the presentation to pause again and wait for a correct click. For some reason, I have had all kinds of issues ranging from needing to click 3 times (I believe this was tied to the amount of attempts allowed?) to the slide advancing even if you click outside the designated area, to the click area not working at all. I am tempted to switch to using a transparent button instead since this feature is giving me so much trouble.

Desired behavior:

  1. User is presented with a slide with a caption telling them to click on something. One click in that area only should bring them to the next slide.
  2. If the user revisits a slide, they must click the correct area again (rather than the slide automatically advancing, which doesn’t allow them to read it again)
  3. The user can click anywhere, as much as they want, but the slide will not advance until they click the designated area (I believe this is how it should work but in my many attempts, it doesn’t always).
  4. The user can freely move through the presentation using the table of contents (I think that means I can’t use the “test” mode - I have been using “practice”)

ActivePresenter version:

ActivePresenter Pro Edition Version 8.2.2 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2020.10.20)


Windows 10 Enterprise, Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763


I would be happy to send over some of the project files if that would help!

Hi Sarah,

Please find my response to your case below:
1. If you want to show the users smart annotations, please select the Tutorial mode to preview your project. This mode allows learners to try the steps with hint messages and annotations provided to each action.
For more information about ActivePresenter Operation Modes, see this article:

2 & 3. If you have your own recorded files, you can select Mouse Click object and navigate to the Properties pane > Interactivity tab > Score & Reporting section > change the value of Attempts to Infinite.
Besides, remember to deselect Auto Advance check box in each slide.
On the other hand, you can also set up everything before recording. Open the View tab > Object Settings > select Mouse Click object and change its attempt to Infinite. After that, save your project as a custom theme to reuse later.
Refer to this articles for more information:

4. Please customize the Test mode in the Player Settings window to get it done. (Export tab > Player Settings). Here, select Free for Navigation, click OK to save the change.


Hope that it helps.

Have a nice time,

Thank you so much for your help! I was able to change test mode to allow free navigation and set the “clear user input”, but am still having issues with the click box just not working. I have it set as infinite attempts, and I think have the conditions right but when I preview the project in any mode, the click box refuses to proceed to the next slide. Auto advance for the slide is turned off.


As your screenshot, I see in your Score & Reporting section, the value of Attempt is 1.
Please make sure to change it to Infinite to see if it works, Sarah.


Hi Thuy,

Whoops, sorry about that. I changed it to infinite and still nothing - the click area just doesn’t seem to work! What email should I send my project file to?



Hi Sarah,

Please send your project to our email address so that we can check.

Best regards,

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Hi Sarah,

Thanks for sharing the file.

As checking your project, I see that your Mouse click objects in slides is set No Fill and No Line.
That’s why it cannot receive mouse event.
To make it works, you can select Solid Fill and Opacity value is 0 (in the Properties pane > Style & Effects tab > Fill section). Then, right-click mouse click object in the Canvas > select Apply to All Mouse Click Objects > Style.


Moreover, in Slide 10, you can add Go Forward 1 slide action instead Continue Presentation one. Thanks to that, after clicking the desired article, your project will go to the next slide.


Best regards,

Hi Thuy,

Perfect, everything works just right now! Thank you so much for your patience and all your help.

  • Sarah


Thank you for getting back to me, Sarah.
I’m glad to know your issue solved.

Have a great time,