Trouble with Moneytree in Millionaire Game

I followed your instructions and built my own version of the Millionaire Game, but I customized the ranks used in the game to my own preferences. In my version, there are fewer ranks than in your original game. Typically, the game displays an indicator for the user to see which level they have reached on the money tree. However, I’m having trouble getting this feature to work properly.

In addition, I would like to incorporate the following feature into my game: I would like to modify the quiz so that it doesn’t stop when someone gives an incorrect answer. Instead, I want the game to continue. At the end of the game, I want to display a congratulatory slide if the player did well and a fail slide if they failed. Additionally, I want to provide a summary of the player’s performance, showing how well they did on the test.

Would it be possible for someone to take a look at my file and offer some guidance? I’m hesitant to upload the project publicly, though.

Thanks again for help.


It’s nice to know that our game is useful for user, Mel.
To help us gain a better understanding of your idea, kindly send your project to our support email address

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