Trouble Reviewing DragnDrop question

I have a Drag and Drop question that is preceded by 2 slides with theory about the subject. I want the ‘review the course’ button on the Report page to lead straight to the Drag and Drop question slide instead of starting from the beginning, where they will then see the result of their input.
I have managed to get it to jump to that particular slide but I’m having trouble getting the review feedback to show (where the Drag sources and Drop targets are either red or green depending on if they have been placed correctly by the user). I’m struggling to find the right event combination to put on the Interactivity tab to make this happen. Can someone tell/show me how to do this?

ActivePresenter version:
Version 9.0.7 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2023.03.15)

Win 10 64b


I think I’ve done it! The way I did it might be a little clunky from the perspective of someone who knows the application inside out, but I’m just happy it does what I want it to do. As I mentioned earlier I had already figured out how to get the review to start on the Drag and Drop slide.
On the Drag and Drop slide I added the following options:

On Load
Show Responses: All showing responses
IF apReviewMode is equal to True

I keep getting confused with the location of the IF-variables, being used to the IF-statement being made before the action that is supposed to follow is stated. But in this case the IF will still prevent the action above it from being carried out if the condition does not apply.

Also, in order for the ‘Continue’ button to just take people back to the Report slide after they were done with the question, I gave the button on the Drag and Drop slide the following options:

On Click
Submit: All showing interactions
IF apReviewMode is equal to False

Go Forward: 1 slide
IF apReviewMode is equal to True

That makes it so that the user doesn’t get stuck on the Drag and Drop question and can go forward to the Report slide where the End Presentation button is.

Hope this helps anyone who might be struggling with something similar :slight_smile:

Hi @BGenD,

Thank you for sharing the solution to tackle the question. We appreciate that.
Hope that you’re doing great.

All the best,

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