Translate XLIFF

I am REALLY struggling with localizing / translating projects.

I have been updating the closed captions and the text on the screen manually that takes days for some projects. I understand that localizing might be a better way to do this?

I have looked at the guidance on the support pages - How to Localize Projects in ActivePresenter 8 - Atomi Systems, Inc.

but it is not really helping me. I get stuck on Step 2 - 2. Translate the XLIFF File into the Target Language
Can you please do a quick screen recording or a series of screen shots of how to do this using either POEditor (which I have a free trial for) or Deepl Pro (which I have a subscription for)?

There must be an easier way to translate my projects into different languages instead of me manually updating everything!?

Many, many thanks for your help!

Hi Noma,

Localizing projects is useful when you want to translate your projects into different languages. We don’t have much experience with the two apps you listed above, to be quite honest. However, Poedit is something we have worked with before and recommend you use it when translating XLIFF files. Basically, localizing a project involves 3 steps:

  • Export your project language to XLIFF format
  • Open Poedit to translate
  • Import the XLIFF file back to ActivePresenter.

Please see the attached video in the link below for more details.

Best regards,

Thank you so much! This is amazing help!

Just one question, do I have to manually type each translation for every line?

I noticed on your demo only a few lines were updated, but then when the file was re-imported into the project, all the text was updated.

Kind regards,

Glad to hear that it helps!

You can type each translation manually or use pre-translation/suggestions on the right pane of Poedit. Whatever way you use, make sure you have all the lines translated and saved. If not, the app will retain the source language when updating the text.
I just translated one line for a quick demo. As you can see, only that line was updated when I reimported the file.

Best regards,