Transitions in the timeline

I’m testing out the trial version. Everything seems pretty intuitive so far, except I can’t find out how to create a transition between clips in a recorded video.

Let’s say I split a recording at a certain point and I want to add a transition to fade from one clip to the next. It’s very common in videos.

I see the slide transitions, but I can’t figure out how to add a transition within a video. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious.

Hi Watson,

Unfortunately, there’s no transition effect from one object to another object yet.
But you can try adding exit effect for one object, and entrance effect for the next.
You can find these effects in Animations tab at the top of the application window.
If they don’t suit your needs, you can consider using Split Slide tool on Timeline to split your slide and use slide transitions.


Do you think video clip transitions will be added? I’m really surprised they’re not included.

I’ve used about every screen recorder software around & this is the only one I’m aware of that doesn’t have them. So many other nice features it has, seems odd that such a basic feature isn’t included.

I saw the split slide option. It’s really not possible. Maybe it’s just me, but I use tons of cuts in my videos. No way I would want to create a new slide for all of them.


We’ll consider about this feature, but I can’t make any promises now.