Transferring Projects between license types

Hi, I’m planning to purchase licenses for different users. Some will be STANDARD licenses and some PRO licenses. In addition, I have existing projects created with the free version.

Are these projects compatible across the different licenses?

Can a STANDARD users create a project file that is editable and exportable in the PRO version?

I’m not part of Atomi, so I could be wrong, but here’s what I understand:

But I believe that the versions are interchangeable. The difference is that the project will have a watermark on it if it uses features that are not available to that version. So if you create something in Standard, there would be no problem editing/exporting in Pro. But if you create something in Pro and use Pro features, it would have a watermark if edited/exported in Standard.


Hi @wgarrison and @Chante,

Unfortunately, we do not allow users to transfer licenses like that according to the current license terms.
You can only use Standard features in the Standard editions, and you need to purchase Pro editions to unlock and use all features:

Best regards,

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Thanks for your reply. But I’m still confused. A user with the standard version and creates a sequence of slides. I have a PRO version. Can I open that project and export using the PRO features such as HTML5, Scorm, etc.

I guess I’ll have to buy both versions and try this out.



@wgarrison - I can confirm that I used the free version for a few months before getting a license for the PRO version.

All of my projects opened and published just fine in PRO.

I would imagine that a standard project would also open fine with PRO and publish fine as well since all the features of standard are available in PRO.

However, If you created something with the PRO version that made use of any of the features available only to that version - then trying to open and publish it with the standard version may run into undesired outcomes.

Excellent. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Hi guys @wgarrison @Chante @gregs,

Please let me clarify further.

We do not allow users to transfer projects from Standard to Pro edition, and this is a legal issue, not just about technical side.
You guys can only export to the outputs which the edition you are using allows.
For example, if you use the Standard edition to edit, then use another Pro edition to export, you are only allowed to export to Document and Video formats, not eLearning formats like HTML5, SCORM, or xAPI.

Only in cases when users have upgraded their licenses (from Free or Standard to Pro) do we allow them to export to the formats that they were not allowed to export to in the lower editions.

Technically, we haven’t applied any preventive measures yet, but this can change any time without notice.
Therefore, please make sure to comply with editing and exporting in the same edition to avoid any legal issues later.

Quynh Anh


This is a good clarification as it is different than what I think most are used to.
Perhaps the confusion comes in surrounding the phrase “transfer license”.

In this scenario, I understood everyone had a licensed copy of the software - although a mix of versions - and seemed more about whether or not a project file can be opened and worked on between two licensed copies. I did not understand that to be a transfer of license.

Thank you for the further clarification as I now better understand. Please accept my apologies for any misrepresentation. It was not my intent.


No worry, Greg :smile:
I have changed the confusing phrase for better clarification, hopefully.

Transferring licenses is between devices, which involves activation and deactivation process, and it is allowed to.
What we are discussing here is transferring projects from Standard to Pro, and it is not allowed to.

Thank you for helping us well communicate with users and better convey our information to the community.

Please keep on what you are doing, we really appreciate it :pray:

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Wow, that’s disappointing. We have users who will never need advanced features. Then we have skilled authors who create interactive content. What you’re saying is that the basic users CANNOT share projects with the interactive authors for further development.

This affects our decision to purchase licenses. Rather than purchase 20 standard and 5 PRO licenses, we’ll probably buy one PRO.

That’s a shame because I think our standard users would enjoy your software for basic screen capture.

Hi @wgarrison,

Please understand that if we do not apply this regulation, there can be “dodge the law” cases.
Among the number of licenses a company needs to buy, the company may only buy few Pro licenses to export, and buy the rest as the Standard ones just to create and edit content.
This is inappropriate, not serving the right purpose of each edition according to the license terms.

Once an organization has to do with any eLearning features and needs to export to any eLearning outputs, all the licenses that organization buys need to be the Pro ones to unlock all features.
And if the company only needs to capture screen professionally and export to Document and Video outputs without having to do anything with eLearning features, all the licenses should be the Standard ones.

So, based on your real situation, please consider the number of licenses and the type of edition you need to buy to fully make use of them with the right purposes.

Thank you and we are here if you need any assistance.

Quynh Anh

Ah, I understand now. Thanks QuynhAnh_Vu. Apologies for my initial response.

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No worries, @Chante :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just keep posting your concerns on our Community here so we and other users can support you further.

Quynh Anh

OK, We’ve purchased three PRO licenses and we’re very pleased with the software thus far. We will likely purchase more licenses soon.

Here is our problem:

We have many subject matter experts who will never use active presenter. They come into our studio to record a sequence of slides. They MUST use their own PC because it is configured with custom software and databases that I cannot access.

Ideally, we would have them record on a licensed PC with PRO version installed. But this is not possible. How do we solve this? Do we purchase a PRO license for every SME who comes in to our studio for a single use?

Other software we use allows us to disable a license on one workstation and activate that license on a different machine temporarily. Is this possible with Active Presenter?

Are there other licensing options we can consider?

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Hi @wgarrison,

You can directly deactivate the license on the current device by choosing this option:
You can also remotely self-manage the activation/ deactivation using the portal at:
And, there can be another way, which is to use scripts to activate/ deactivate.
Please take a look at pages 26 to 28 in our User Manual here to know all the ways to deactivate the license on a device then reactivate on another one:

Quynh Anh