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Transfer the licence

Problem: Hello. I am an employee of the International Office for Water. I have 2 licenses for Active Presenter. The first, for the computer that I have at my office at the International Office for Water. The second, for the computer that I have at my home when I am telecommuting.
A problem has just happened. My personal computer, an iMac, at home, just broke down. Since Monday, I have been working with an old MacPro2010. I was unable to transfer the license from my iMac to the MacPro.
Can you help me ? It is very urgent because I have a file on which I am currently working which should not be delayed. Thank you.

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Hi Gilles,

I’ve reset the license on your personal computer so now you should be able to activate it again.
P/S: don’t public your license key here.


Thank you… and sorry for publishing the license keys.

Hello. I had to reinstall my operating system on my home computer again. Could you please deactivate the license that you had already deactivated a few months ago?
Thank you so much.

Hi Gillioo,

You can always deactivate it yourself any time using the portal at:


Cool !!! Thank you very much !

But… what is “access token” ?
Sorry, I just understand.
It’s OK !

Hello, it’s me again.
I just changed my computer. I had too much trouble with the old one. I now have a MacPro.
I tried to deactivate the license myself with the link :slight_smile:
but my correspondent, Matthieu Giry (, is on sick leave and cannot return the Access Token to me.
Could you please deactivate this same license so that I can reinstall it on the new computer?
Thanking you.

Hi Gilloo,

I’ve forwarded the access token and changed the email associated with the licenses to your email address.
I’m not sure on which computer you want to deactivate so please use the access token to deactivate it yourself.


Very thanks to you !