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ToolTip Text hover


I have a bunch of text I want to display and when I hover over certain word('s)
I want to display a hover text tool tip thing, but how do I do that in Saola ?


A simple way would be to set the title attribute. You can do this on elements in Saola on the properties pane. However, if you want to set it on specific words in a text box, you’ll need to edit the HTML and add it manually.

Edit the HTML of your text from the floating toolbar.


The <span title="Granny Smith">apple</span> is a deep shade of green.

Wrap the word you need a tooptip on in a <span> element and add the title value as in the example above.

Now when you move the mouse over the word ‘apple’ the tooptip will display ‘Granny Smith’.


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Ah I see. Cool thanks, Appreciate the help!