Toolbar issues - please help

I’m new to AP. Currently trtialling as I’m looking for an alternative to Captivate for e-learning course development. I’m struggling a little.

I’m importing mp4s on each slide, which I need to pause on the last frame. I’ve managed to achieve that, using a hidden button to pause until manual interaction, but I can’t get a button to appear to allow the user to move to the next slide.(I want this to be manual)

I tried using the toolbar ‘next slide’ button, but clicking it doesn’t seem to do anything!

Can any one help? I really like the software but struggling with a few things.


I’ve answered your email about this. May be you didn’t receive it?

To pause a slide at any time you need to insert an interaction at that specific timestamp in the Timeline.
For example, you can insert a Mouse Click or a button at a timestamp, make sure it waits for user input as in below screenshot.


To control its start time and duration you can drag its timeline bar on the Timeline pane.

If you just want the presentation to pause at the end of each slide then you can simply uncheck the “Auto Advance” property of each slide (see below screenshot).

For more tutorials on how to use ActivePresenter you can take a look at:


Maybe you’re running the test mode (test.html). In this mode, forward navigation is disabled by default.
You can try the tutorial mode instead:
Or enable navigation for the test mode in player settings:


Thank you, I’ve just found the email, it went it to my junk. Many thanks for getting back to me.

Thank you, very helpful.