TOC without function after unchecking "Slide Navigation"

Hi there,

I detected a strange behaviour in my project. The TOC loses its function when you uncheck the slide navigation checkbox (see figure) for the toolbar. I do not use the toolbar and unchecked this box for other test cases.


I prepared an example for clarification, one file with unchecked and one with checked option. In case of unchecked slide navigation the table of contents has no function.

In my opinion that option should not affect the TOC, because it is listed in toolbar options.


Sample_Slide Navigation_Checked.approj (228 KB)

Sample_Slide Navigation_UNchecked.approj (140 KB)

Hi Marcel,

It is the intended behavior. If you disable Slide Navigation, it means that you cannot navigate among slides in both TOC and toolbar. In the next version, we will re-organize these settings UI that avoid confusion for users.


Good Morning Nam,

thank you for clarification, i see your point. A reordering is a good idea in this case, because I thought these options are definite for toolbar as well as for TOC.

Have a nice day!