ToC, track status of questions

Dear support,
the player can mark the slides a user visited. This works fine so far.
For question slides however I would like to track if the user completed the question. The user could freely navigate within the presentation but the status of the question slides only changes if she/he completed the question (e.g. by submitting the correct answers).
Is this scenario possible in AP?
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ActivePresenter version: 8.5.

OS: Windows 10



At this time, it is not possible to do that in ActivePresenter.


Dear Phuong,
may be you could put it on your development roadmap. I saw this option in other tools and think that it might be useful to many users. My idea would be that the author can define criteria when a slide is completed or passed (e.g., all interactions on the slide must be submitted/correct).
Best wishes

Hi Ludger,

Thanks for your clarification.
We’ll consider if there are more requests from users.

Have a nice day,

I also think this would be a useful feature.

I am currently “manually” only making the “next” button appear once the user has answered a question or completed an activity in the slide.

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