Time marker label and Youtube timesheet

Can the following be implemented (if possible).
Maybe it already exists then I have overlooked it or could not find it. If so my apologies.

Time marker label
Often when creating a recording I want to refer to a part further in the content that is beeing created, but often you do not know the exact time at which that point is reached.
I am working in slide 2 and have the following annotation “For more information about this, see at ##:##” where ##:## represents a time further in the content. Let’s assume the part we are referring to is in slide 7 then I could add a marker in slide 7. (How the marker looks like and how it’s inserted I leave up to you). Now I do not have to worry about the exact time in slide 2 and when editing make the content longer/shorter the markers are being in tracked within ActivePresenter and when generating the final output content, the correct time is shown in slide 2 “For more information about this…” (##:##). With this system Active Presenter even could warn the user if the user has a marker set and editing deletes it, for example I delete slide 7 and then Active Presenter warns me that slide 2 refers to slide 7.

Can it be made possibel to generate youtube timesheets based on the title of each slide?
00 - title slide 1
03:45 - title slide 2
07:07 -title slide 3

Thank you.

Hi r0n,

Unfortunately, these features are not available yet. We will consider adding them in the future.