The Really Simple Wordsearch

Still loving Saola Animate (2.0) and with more lockdown time here in the UK, decided to build another one of our old Opus Pro projects in Saola.

This time a wordsearch aimed at primary school level but suitable for anyone.

The key features are:

  • Tap to spell the words or click (touch) and swipe over the tiles.

  • Include wordpools for primary education or access from external CSV files.

  • Colourful highlighting of words with helpful colour match on word intersects and bold for initial letters.

  • Forward horizontal and vertical placement with option for backwards mode.

  • Randomisation of words, placement and placement type to ensure lots of different grids.

  • Speak words in bank (click) to aid EAL / SEN

  • Print (desktop).

  • QueryString parameter to adjust checking speed to help SEN.

Can be previewed here The Really Simple Wordsearch


Would you mind sharing how you did this?

Is there a specific aspect of the activity that you’d like to know about?

I would love to see the source file, but I understand you may not be able to share it.

Hi Anthony,

You’re welcome to see and use the source for non-commercial use. It’s rather a fragmented build as I was just bouncing around ideas trying to see how different things might work and whether I could reproduce the original Opus project. I hit wall after wall and so the code has lots of rewrites and bits that might not be in use (yet) or working quite right - but if it helps people see how Saola can be used or help someone else solve a problem - then that’s great.

wordsearch.saolapack (452.6 KB)

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