The purpose of the "Scene" and "Container"

Problem: No article clearly define the “scene” and “container” in Saola.
Saola Animate version: V3.0.1;
OS: Windows 10;

I’ve read the topic about “What is the Container used for”,
and see “Container is the HTML element in which a Saola animation is embedded.”
but actually, No article clearly define the “scene” and “container” in Saola.

Q1) Regarding the “scene” in Saola-Animate,
can I understand it as “the canvas to draw anything you want”?

Q2) Regarding the “container” in Saola-Animate,
can I understand it as “the region to export your works”?

Thank you very much!


A Saola Animate document usually has one scene at the beginning, but you may need to add more scenes to separate your content when it becomes complicated.

Each scene will contains and manage its own elements and timelines, and only one scene is displayed at a time (when viewing the output in the browser as well as when editing in the application).

By default, the document will show the next scene automatically when the main timeline of the current scene is completed. You can clear the scene Auto-Advance property, and use a Jump to Scene action in an event or a timeline trigger to control the scene transition.

The canvas is the center area in the application to show the current scene for editing.

The container is the HTML element into which the HTML5 output is embedded. The container also specifies the view area (viewport) of the output. Scenes in the output can be aligned and scaled to fit the container area.

By default, the container stretches to fit the whole content area of the browser window. But you can change the container size, or embed the HTML5 output into any element of another webpage.

In the canvas, you can show the container area to see how the scene and elements are display in different viewport sizes, especially when editing a responsive project.


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