The latest Active Presenter update made the software unusable

It would be running and I would hear the audio, but the marker wasn’t moving at all. If I tried to pause it, nothing would happen it would keep playing. I had to restore my computer back to the previous version to get it to work. What a mess.


Please try the following steps to see if they can resolve the issue or not:

  • In Start Page , click Preferences (the Gear icon).

  • In the Preferences dialog, click the Miscellaneous tab.

  • Check the Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering option.

  • Click OK and restart the program.

I’m afraid to have to go through resetting my computer back to the previous setup again. Can I just wait till the next release fixes whatever happened?


Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue. We don’t know what the issue is yet and won’t be able to fix until we have more detailed reports.


OK I think I’ll stay on the previous version until the new version has baked a bit longer in the oven. That was a nightmare. I was so very fortunate that Windows decided to update the same day (the problems happened before their update) and thus they auto-created a restore point to yesterday morning that I jumped back to and could use AP again.