The adjustable outline box of a symbol?

Problem: The adjustable outline box of a symbol?

Saola Animate version: Required.2.7.1

OS: Required. Windows 10


  1. What is the purpose of “The adjustable outline box of a symbol?” I read what the manual says about it "By default, the size of the symbol element is set
    to relative to the scene size and start at 100% of the scene size. If you want the size of the
    symbol element to be absolute, change the size unit to pixels (px)" .
    After reading that though, I still don’t understand what "adjusting that outline around the symbol does?

Hi Locky,

The way I look at symbols is that they are Saola projects inside a Saola project. That box is therefore the size of the canvas for the symbol project.

If you adjust the box’s size in the main project, you adjust the size of the canvas available in the symbol project when you enter the symbol’s edit mode.

Hi mackavi,

Thanks, that makes a bit more sense now.

Hi Locky,

Please don’t confuse between a symbol element and a symbol.
A symbol is a document similar to the main document in a project.
When you drag a symbol document to a scene of another document, a symbol element is created to display that symbol document. The symbol element is the container in which the symbol document is embedded.
The outline you said is the boundary of the symbol element. Dragging it will make the symbol document react the same way as adjusting the container size when you’re editing that symbol document.


Hi ToanLS,

Thanks for that information. Between you and mackavi it now makes sense that the symbol is a document, with its own time line and scenes just like the main document. I kept thinking that a symbol was some kind of picture / image representation of one or multiple items, like a gif, anyways, it makes much more sense now.

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