TextInput PlaiceHolder (+ style)


I would enjoy a placeholder feature in text input, it would be useful to save space in the slide :slight_smile:

For now i use a workaround with a text behind a hidden textinput, on click event on the text the textinput shows up with blanck background and i try to focus wih ‘prez.object(‘xxx’).textNode.focus();’
But the keyboard doesnt always show up on the first click :confused:

Maybe it could work better if the textinput had a click event, or if the event ‘writing’ works without press ‘enter’.

Btw if we could applyy styling (size, color, font family) in the UI it could be amazing! Currently i’m using javascript to add css in the project properties.


Thanks for your suggestion. We will try to support it in the future updates.

Regarding styling a text box, you just need to select the text box and select formatting tools in the Home tab.

You can also choosing the key for submitting in Properties > Interactivity > Score & Reporting > Submit.


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Wow so ashamed to not see the format tool…

For the inputtext i tried to make it transparent on state1, white background on state2 with a changing state on ‘On Text Enter’ event but as the submit mode and events can’t be changed from one state to another… in state2 when i type one character the entire textbox reset (and clear my entry) :confused:

Workaround :
Text for place holder
White shape hidden
Text input transparent, ‘On Text Enter’ envent -> show up the white space

Maybe not the cleanest way but it works, thanks for your help!

Hi Carlos,

You can add the following script to slide On Load event to set placeholder for a text box:

prez.object('text box name').textNode.placeholder = 'place holder text';


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Gonna try that, thank you!