Text to Speech speed greyed out

Problem: Unable to change the speed of text to speech voice.

ActivePresenter version: ActivePresenter Pro Edition
Version 8.5.7 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2022.05.16)

OS: Windows

Notes: The sliders for changing the speed and volume of the text to speech function is greyed out? How can I speed up a voice?

Hi Noma,

Please refer to this thread with detailed information: Voice over on active presenter tutorials - #5 by PhuongThuy_Le

Besides, you can get the support SSML tags from Google Cloud (Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)  |  Cloud Text-to-Speech Documentation  |  Google Cloud) and Microsoft Azure (Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) - Speech service - Azure Cognitive Services | Microsoft Docs).

For more information, take a look at this post:

Hope that it helps.
Kind regards,