Text To Speech Options Greyed out

Problem: Hello, the tutorial is soooo helpful! How to Use Text to Speech Feature in ActivePresenter 8

HOWEVER, I don’t have the option to change the speed or volume of the TTS of a caption as those fields are greyed out.

Can you please help? I need to speed up the tts voiceover, BEFORE the audio file is generated (importing translated text to generate different language voiceover).

Many thanks!

ActivePresenter version: 9

OS: Windows

Notes: Using Microsoft Azure Voices

Hi Noma,

These features aren’t available for Voice from third parties. We’ll try to enable these features in future updates.

At this time, you can try using SSML tags from Microsoft Azure to change some voice’s properties as you want.

Besides, you can adjust the volume after generating voice by using the Adjust Volume feature in ActivePresenter:

Best regards,

Once again, you have been outstanding in providing me with helpful information so quickly! Thank you! :clap:

Now time for my next question. :grin:

I have used the SSML function for a caption, which is working great, but is there any way to apply the SSML settings to all closed captions at once? Or are we only able to do this caption by caption? One by one is taking me FOREVER! :pray: I have about 24 AP files, each with about 100 captions. :face_exhaling:

That feature is not available in the current version of ActivePresenter.
You should apply the SSML tags to the caption by the caption, Noma.
We’ll try to improve it in the future.

Applying the SSML settings to all closed captions at once just works when you put all your captions at the same time, and use the SSML tag to break the sentences. See the image below for details: