Text to Speech Feature

Having used the TTS in ActivePresenter for a client this feature is excellent.

I have built several Saola projects that use TTS through the browser’s JS functionality BUT it would be really wonderful if we could have the same functionality in Saola that you have in AP.


Hi mackavi,

Thanks for your interest in both ActivePresenter and Saola Animate.

However, as the Text to Speech feature is not quite within the scope of an animation tool, I’m afraid we do not have any plan to support it in Saola Animate yet.

Kind regards,
Quynh Anh

Thanks for the honest answer. Saola is still a wonderful program without it.

Hi again,

Thanks for your supporting Saola Animate.

I’m glad that you enjoy using our software. And, I hope that you will have greater experience with both Saola Animate and ActivePresenter.

Feel free to contact us again if you need any other assistance.

Warm regards,
Quynh Anh