Text entry and blocking expletives

Hi all, hoping you can help with this one. On the first slide of my current AP presentation, the user enters their name via a text box. This is saved as a variable and works perfectly, but my resource is going to be used by young people who may wish to put something rude instead of their name(!) and I use the name reference later on in the presentation to display it later on to personalise it.
Is there a way to create a blacklist to block certain words being entered? I obviously can’t create a correct entry as there will be many different names entered. I really need to inverse it so AP can detect when an expletive is entered.
Any thoughts? I had a look through the forum and there isn’t anything quite like this!

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Hi @steve53990 -

I am going to go out on a limb and say that I don’t think there is any sort of profanity filter available for text entry fields.

A couple thoughts…

  1. Do you know who will participate? As in, is the project is for a specific group of students whose names you will already know?
    Perhaps an array could be made with the names of the students so that only names found in the array will be accepted.
    You could also build an array of common expletives to check against but that might be more difficult.

  2. Will the project be housed on an LMS for the students in a SCORM format?
    Could you maybe pull the student name directly and eliminate the need for them to enter it?

As an aside - if the student does enter something inappropriate - it would only appear for them - right?

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Thanks for your quick response

  1. The resource will be used in schools across two counties (approx 600 in all)
  2. It’s not going to be linked to SCORM as I’m not collecting any data from it or recording anything. I wondered about building an array of expletives but wasn’t sure how to do this.

Aside: A lot of school computers are in shared environments. I don’t want expletives to show for other users if it’s not been reset.

Sorry, I know this is an odd one!

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Making the array itself isn’t the tricky part - that is simply time consuming to try and populate it.

The trickier part is checking the value that the student entered against the array.

I created a small example for you to study.
The array has five words in it. (word1, word2, word3, word4, word5)
You can verify what the was typed with the box to the right.

When you click submit, the array is checked for the entered name. If the name is found in the bad list - a rejection flag appears. If the name is not found in the bad list - you are taken to the next slide with the name shown in greeting.

Populate the list and tweak things as desired.

filter.approj (284 KB)


Thank you Greg. That’s really helpful and much appreciated.

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Hi Steve,

I’d like to provide some information regarding this:

Aside: A lot of school computers are in shared environments. I don’t want expletives to show for other users if it’s not been reset.

To prevent this, you can adjust the project’s On Load event (ActivePresenter > Project > Properties > Interactivity tab) by replacing the Show resume feedback action with the Restart Presentation action if the last session is incomplete, thus resetting the previous user’s information.