Text changes not sticking?

Project 2 - Send.saola (60.9 KB)

I often experience that many text changes I make somehow don’t “stick”. For e.g. in the attached file I have changed the line spacing many times to 120% but it keeps reverting to 30% (which creates overlap between 2 lines in a mobile view when 2 lines are beneath each other). I have done this both by selecting the element as well as clicking inside it, doing a Select All and changing it again. I have made the change, closed the file and reopened the file to find the change has not stuck.

Finally, in slide 1, I got it to work, but I have kept slide 2 to show a scenario where it had not worked.

Not only the line spacing but sometimes Font size change and Font type change also have the same effect. Am I doing something wrong particularly related to text? Any way I can work around this event?


Hi Shawn,

To set text properties for the entire text, please don’t enter text editing mode. Just click to select the element, and change text properties in Properties pane.

If you change a text property for a part of text when editing text, this change will take precedence over the value set for the entire text.
For example, in your project, you set line height for the entire text to 120%, but for each paragraph to 30%, so the effective line height will be 30%:

<div style="line-height: 1.2;">
  <p style="line-height: 0.3;"> <!-- override 1.2 above -->
    <span style="font-size: 18px;">Your text.</span>

You can select all text when editing, then use Remove Format tool on the floating toolbar to erase all inner style so that the outer style will take effect.