Text Caption Now Hides Button


Button functionality changed from V6 to V7 making my course material unusable.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.2.3

OS: Win10


In course material which I created in ActivePresenter back in 2013 and have regularly updated since, I have Next and Back navigation buttons consisting of a Button and a Text Caption slightly offset. The On Rollover event for the Button shows the Text Caption and being slightly offset with bold text, gives the impression of button movement and so provides feedback to the user. Then the On Click event either moves to the next or previous slide as appropriate.

However since upgrading from V6 to V7, that functionality has been disrupted. Hovering the mouse over the Button causes the Text Caption to flash and the Button can only be selected by touching the edge of the Button where it is not covered by the Text Caption.

In earlier versions of ActivePresenter the Text Caption didn’t appear in the Timeline. However I suspect that now because in V7 they are shown on the Timeline and at the top of the stack that once they are shown due to being triggered by the On Rollover event when the mouse is hovered over the Button and so is ‘hidden’ from the Button. This causes the Text Caption to repeatedly be shown and then hidden.

Is there an equivalent method I can use in V7 to achieve the effect which I have used successfully in previous versions?


You can use Object States instead. Please take a look at this tutorial: https://atomisystems.com/tutorials/ap7/working-object-states/


Thank you for your prompt reply.

I have read the manual and looked at that tutorial, however when I open Object States for the Button, there is just a single state being Normal (Default).

and if I add a new state which I want to apply for mouse hover, I do not see any way to link it to the hover action.

I read that a Button has four default states: Normal, Hover, Clicked, and Disabled, but my existing buttons or a new one I inserted doesn’t appear to have anything but the Normal (Default) state.

What am I missing?

I forgot to mention. The button converted from version 6 doesn’t haven multiple states by default. Please inserting a new button instead.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.


OK, but even if I insert a new button it has just one state, the Normal (Default) state.

I presume any new buttons are inheriting the properties of the existing buttons and because they are V6 buttons, will not have the four states.

So how do I reset the default button settings so new buttons contain the four states?

Oops! Please select ActivePresenter > Project > Reset Default Objects > All Objects before inserting button.

Thank you for that.

So as I understand it I can use the Object States method to change the appearance of other objects, not just buttons, when the user hovers over or click on the object. Is that correct?

If so, if I want to use the Object States method to change the appearance of another object, for example a shape which I want to change color when the mouse is hovered over it, how do I link the new state I create to the hover action?

I thought that the purpose of the Object States, but I can’t see the method in the user manual.


Yes, you are correct. Please find details about Change Object State action in this tutorial: https://atomisystems.com/tutorials/ap7/working-events-actions/

For the complete list of tutorials, please visit: https://atomisystems.com/activepresenter/tutorials


Thanks for your great support. Of course the Change Object State is a new action to me and I overlooked its addition in V7.

Using Object States in conjunction with buttons achieves exactly what I had to implement by other means in the earlier versions.

Unfortunately now I have many sides to update with new buttons! Not all buttons are the same and so I don’t think I’ll be able to use Apply to All Button Objects, but hopefully I’ll find a time saving way to do the update.

I am not sure the following solution is suitable for your case but please try:

  • Add buttons into a Layout in Master Slide (this works like PowerPoint).
  • Select slides you want to update.
  • Apply the Layout for the selected slides.


Thank you for your suggestion, but it seems that even though I save Object Change State actions for the Button in a Master Slide Layout or save a Button containing Object Change State actions as the default Button

when I insert a (default) Button, the Button does not contain the Object Change State actions

even though it does contain other actions.

If I apply the layout containing the Button, while it appears on the slide, the Button is not shown on the timeline and so I can’t edit its properties to suit the particular slide, eg. its start time & duration.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong and need to do more reading of the manual or looking at tutorials.

But if I just copy and paste Buttons from slide to slide, all actions, including the Object Change State actions, are contained within the pasted Button.