Text Alignment In Program vs HTML5 output

Problem: In any text caption with more than 1 line of text the vertical position of lines of text is different in the program and the HTML5 output, this makes it next to impossible to accurately place highlights over any text as they are never in the same position when outputted to HTML5.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.2.4

OS: Windows 10

Notes: This problem is only in version 7, version 6 had slight differences but never caused a visual problem.


Is your project responsive or just normal project? If it’s a responsive project, the text caption has percentage size and position by default but the text font size is fixed for all layouts. So you must change the text caption size and position to px unit, or adjust them for each layout to match the highlights.

We could not reproduce this issue for non-responsive projects. So if your project is non-responsive, please share it to our support email at support@atomisystems.com. Or at least provide some more information such as: screenshots of the text caption in program and in HTML5 output, how text is entered into the text caption (e.g. type or copy/paste from a 3rd application), is the project converted from version 6…


Hi, it’s a normal, non-responsive project, the problem occurs in all projects, whether converted from version 6 or started in version 7, and all types of text, whether typed or pasted.
Here is what it looks like in the program:

and here is the output:

I have also emailed the above example to the address given.

Thank you for the files.
We’ll look into this issue and will try to fix it in future updates.

For the time being, there’re 2 possible ways to fix the issue in your use case:

  1. Use text hightlight color to hightlight text inside a paragraph instead of a layered shape. See slide 2 in attached sample.

  2. If you still want to use the shape then enter the hightlighted text into the shape and remove it from the paragraph. See slide 3 in the attached sample.

HightlightedText.approj (120 KB)


Thank you for the reply, I look forward to the issue being fixed.