Targetboxes not staying at correct positions


In my drag and drop project I’m having an issue with the dropbox not being
in the correct place in Firefox, MS Edge, compared to where I place it in Saola.

If I fix it for Firefox then it will be off in Edge and vise versa.

Here is the dropbox in Saola

Here it is in FireFox

here it is in MS Edge


Since each browser renders text differently, the element cannot be positioned in the exact middle of the text range.
The elements in your images appear to be a little bit out of place in relation to their proper positions. So can you please share your project package (File > Save As > Package ) via (not project file only because it doesn’t contain resources) so that we can check?
If the package is large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive and then email us with the download link.

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I have emailed the package as you have requested.

Thank you.

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Thank you for sharing your project.

In our test, the problem only appears when Firefox renders text using sans-serif fonts like Arial in some zoom levels smaller than 125%.
We haven’t found a solution yet, however the issue appears to be tied to Firefox. Can you try switching to serif fonts such as Times New Roman and Georgia to see if it helps?


Ah I see. Changing the font did fix the problem.
I never would of thought the font would be the issue.

Problem fixed.


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