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Take control of my computer - why?

(Alejandro) #1

I’m a first time user.
Trying to start a project, I find a dialog box asking for permissions to take control of my Mac, using accessibility features
Why should I do that?
Can you give me some input ?

(Dao Viet Phuong) #2


ActivePresenter requires this permission to detect target objects that you click on and to generate appropriate text automatically in recorded project. You can ignore this step if you don’t need that. If you are using Smart Capture, it should be allowed but if you are recording a video, it is not necessary.


(Alejandro) #3

Thanks … very useful information.

In case I accept the dialog:
Are there any other potential risks associated with this permission like inappropriate access to personal files: contacts, calendar, passwords, etc. that you are aware?

(Dan Le) #4


No, we are not just aware of any inappropriate access like that but we are also sure that the sole purpose of that accessibility permission is for ActivePresenter to get on-screen information of the target application which you are recording. It acts just like any screen reader (for visually impaired person, if you haven’t known about that yet).

By the way, ActivePresenter records and stores all its recordings LOCALLY. Your recordings are yours, ActivePresenter doesn’t send out any information it recorded.

Of course, if you use ActivePresenter to record while your contacts or calendar,… is displaying on your screen then they will get recorded too.


(Alejandro) #5

Hi Dangle,
Great answer.
I’ll start immediately
Very helpful