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SVG shape editing feature for animation

(Niraj Kumar) #1

Problem: I am looking for SVG animation using SVG shapes but it is not possible right now within a program. For this you need to add the feature to edit SVG shape directly in Saola Animate. This way we can make changes the color, shape and dimension etc directly within program and it also help to create SVG animation professionally within program. Also add import feature to use third party program like illustrator to going back and forth to edit shape.

Saola Animate version: 2

OS: Windows 10


(Toan Le) #2


We’ll consider supporting this feature in future releases.


(Niraj Kumar) #3

When should I expect this feature? Can u please give me any timeline?

(Toan Le) #4

Unfortunately there’s no exact timeline for this feature at the moment.
Its priority may change depending on the number of the user requests.


(Niraj Kumar) #5

At the moment, There is no such software which works directly in interactive SVG animation. If any currently exist all done in just simple animation and interactive part is done by coders using many javascript library. Which is very tedious and time consuming process. If You can come up this feature, it will be remarkable achievement and also it will help designers and animator to do interactive SVG animation without using other js library.

Anyway, I will except this feature as early as possible.