Support of older versions

Hi all!

We are currently using AP 8.5.8 and I was wondering if there are any timelines or plans on how long you will support this version/how long we will be able to download AP 8.5.8?
For context: We tried to switch to AP 9 but unfortunately some parts of our elearning were messed up so right now we plan to stay with AP 8.5.8 but it would be great to know if we have to switch at some point

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Lisa,

Fyi, we do not have any plans on stop supporting version 8 yet.
If we have intention of stop supporting any version, we will inform to users at least 6 months before so users can prepare.
Therefore, please rest assured to download and use this version until you receive any news from us.

Regarding the context, could you kindly let us know the issues you are encountering with version 9 that make you do not want to switch to this version?
Please feel free to report and describe them in further details so we can assist you the best.

Look forward to your response.

Quynh Anh